Hyper Audio Linking and Speech to Text at EADH conference 2018

At Transforming Freedom, we have been using Hyper Audio Linking since 2007 to give our users the choice between watching original documents and reading the text. We believe that this form of an archive combines the best of both worlds: the immediate and immersive experience of listening to some of the most brilliant minds in science and culture, and the easy and fast navigation within written and searchable text.

We are happy to announce that two of our members will be holding a workshop on Hyper Audio Linking and speech to text technologies during this year’s annual conference of the European Association of Digital Humanities. The workshop will take place at the National University of Ireland in Galway on 6 December 2018. For more details, please also visit the conference homepage.


The Digital Humanities as a field of research and publication face both new opportunities and challenges due to the increasing number of media sources relevant to researchers and students, no matter their age and origin. Aggregator platforms like YouTube or Vimeo let formerly unknown materials surface that are relevant for new research in the humanities. Meanwhile, large public and private collections held by historical organizations, broadcasting corporations and NGOs, or individuals like artists, scientists or politicians remain to be indexed, investigated and re-published.

Enabling oral history researchers to work with big amounts of recorded data, creating transcripts for online learning and lectures, enhancing the usability of digital archives via full-text search, facilitating community distribution and citizen science projects, or intertwining multimedia material and text for publications are only some of the possibilities speech to text, hyper audio linking, and, of course, a combination of both, can offer to researchers and students.

Alternating between more theory-focused discussion and hands-on experience, we will present and try out different methods to integrate semi-automated speech to text technology and transcripts into research and publication workflows.

To round off the workshop, we will start to build a web page featuring A/V content, a transcript, and some additional material from scratch. Using just a text editor and a few simple lines of code, participants will start working on their first personal HAL project.

We look forward to seeing you in Galway!

Click here to download the extended workshop description as a pdf.