"Make a Salad" - Art Historian Petra Stegmann lectures on Fluxus Scores at the Free Class, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

As an art historian, Petra Stegmann has been researching into diverse aspects of the Fluxus legacy during recent years. As an Artist-in-Residence of Transforming Freedom at the MQ 21 in Vienna, Mrs Stegmann will give a lecture about how the so-called “score culture” of Fluxus had developed and what surprising effects it had in art scenes of Eastern European in the context of censorhsip and state control of cultural production. Her lecture and the discussion will deal with questions like these: What are the special qualities of the Fluxus Score? In how far does Fluxus differ from other genres of action art? Is Fluxus really about participation?  What about Fluxus today? Can or should Fluxus be re-enacted? 

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