* Art's Birthday 2011 *

Future Fluxus and WORM present:

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Fluxus means change among other things. The Fluxus of 1992 is not the Fluxus of 1962 and if it pretends to be - then it is fake. The real Fluxus moves out from its old center into many directions, and the paths are not easy to recognize without lining up new pieces, middle pieces and old pieces together.”
Dick Higgins

Filliou’s invention of Art’s Birthday is wonderfully absurd and humorous in the typical Fluxus tradition of serious fun.”
Robert Adrian


Where: Raum D, MQ, 1070 Wien
Open Doors: 6 PM
Beginning: 7 PM
End: around 11PM
Afterparty @ Open Office by Transforming Freedom & tagr.tv
(opposite the Dschungel / MQ) or elsewhere (with the kunstradio party people, s.b.)

Arts Birthday is an annual party of artists all over the world (yeah, hm, ok, not really …) that give their works as presents to art herself, to celebrate the presence of art in our lifes.

The work you give as a present becomes part of a public pool to share like in Open Source code on the internet.

In parallel to the annual event at ORF kunstradio (go there too!, s.b.), Future Fluxus will stage a second Viennese party for the Arts Birthday in 2011. Why?

Because this annual networking concept of artists is part of the avantgarde Fluxus tradition in art practices (Robert Filliou, 1963), and Fluxus itself is getting 50 in 2011.

(Make your own Art’s Birthday hat for 2011: planktone.dyndns.org/ABD/HAT/)


Also, to put things in contexts and contexts back to things, we will superimpose many others occasions to celebrate or mourn in January 2011.

The Rule: Every occasion has to be contextualised during the night so people can make up their mind individually which occasion to concentrate on.


100 years of Marshall McLuhan

Art at its most siginificant is a Distant Early Warning System that can always be relied upon to tell the old culture what is beginning to happen …” Marshall Mc Luhan, 1969

Skype message from Stephen Kovats, artistic director of the transmediale, Berlin. On the legacy of McLuhan and the series of lectures titled “McLuhan in Europe 2011”.


20 years of HTML

Developled by Tim Berners-Lee for his colleagues at CERN in Geneva, Hypertext Markup Language has now reached Version 5, including video features. Next to that, it has also been remodelling our understanding of writing, reading, real time, cultural exchange, political action, the need for publication, the potential for political action, the democratic form of information society, art production and privacy. Indeed, HTML has shown its own potentials for a unity of technology and life for billions of people already.


50 years of Fluxus

Really? Is the Fluxus movement, an intercontinental networked avantgarde movement of the Cold War times, still alive? If not, when did she die?
Future Fluxus is tackling these ideas in their research and, by inviting for production, is looking for the new forms of Fluxus, if there any. Maybe, some have to be invented, a process-in-work.


20 years of The Thing

thing.net started in 1991 as a Bulletin Board System based in New York with a strong focus on self-organised communication between artists. In terms of adapting art production to new technology, this is a world record and mostly due to the artist Wolfgang Staehle.
Wolfgang Palmetshofer, lontime administrator of thing.net, will offer some perspectives on that phenomenon, its past and its future.


25 years of Egon March Institute

A creative unit for theory, research and production in the field of new media.”
We are most honoured to welcome the first director of this resounding name and institute, Marko Kosnik, as a guest performer.


50 years installation of the Berlin Wall

Indeed, the Berlin Wall is not forgotten, the last bricks of the wall can still be visited in Berlin today. Half a century ago, the wall started to manifest the fact that Europeans, indeed, had become a colony of their own 19th century utopias for managing large-scale populations, capitalism and communism.

Is it still “Europe´s secret that it doesn´t love life anymore” as the philosopher and writer Albert Camus had commented? What has this little maximalist continent learned to produce in the meantime. We will not talk about the two World Wars and the Hungarian Presidency of the Union.


10 years of Museumsquartier Wien

One of the most successful cultural spaces of its kind in the world, the Museumsquarter has given many an artist a great space to work and find his or her way to connect to the Viennese life art scenes. Also, many groups and projects had some time to do their work there and enrich themselves in this both posh and freaky environment. Big thanks to all the movers and enablers!


50 years of Julius Deutschbauer

Himself a fine artist and performer, Julius is as old as the Fluxus movement this year. This situation maybe used as an splendid occasion to create yet another hydra. A performance with his 12 people of the “Theatre of Prevention” will commemorate and interpret this curious matter-of-fact.


20 years of Estonian Re-Independence

With only Iceland having so many medics researching the genetic structures of its population, Estonians have managed to connect the notion of “singing” with the notion of “revolution” for good. Having freshly adapted to the shaky Eurozone right now, its capital Tallin serves as a stage for the European

Capital of Culture his year, together with Turku in Finland. In August 2011, its first full 20 years of real independencs will bw celebrated. Giving us Skype and having one of the wolrd´s most ubiquituous wireless internet access strucutres, Future Fluxus will research the ideas that Estonians will be developing for notion of old terms like “Freedom”, “Independence” and “Autonomy” in the 21st century.


Art´s Birthday on Facebook


* Dennis de Bel (Rotterdam)

Currently as the Artist-in-Residence of moddr_lab/ WORM in

Vienna, installation / performance

* Constant Dullaart (Amsterdam, Berlin)


* !DaDaDa!

Intermedial Performance by

Delphine Mei (Taiwan), Stefanie Wuschitz (Wien), Sergio Solis (Mexico), Niko Maly (Wien)

* “This is not jubilee!”

Supernase & Co (Vienna)


and others


Bring your own occasion and present for art (just come on the night and speak to somebody …)


-> WORM - Instituut voor Avantgardistische Recreatie



-> Future Fluxus -

Produced by Verein Rahmenwerk in cooperation with Transforming Freedom, Vienna

* Leo Findeisen / Verein Rahmenwerk

* Markus Zimmermann / State-of-the-Artist

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