Screening: Steal This Film - Part II

The long awaited second part of STEAL THIS FILM by the Leage of Noble Peers will be screened. A legend of the web goes into the second round as the Swedish State finally plans to meet The Pirate Bay in court. Special Guest: Felix Stalder
Date: Wednesday, 20 February 2008, 7 PM
Location: Museumsquarter, Quarter for Digital Culture, Raum D

Steal This Film - Part I (watch it online) was produced in about a month by an international team visiting Sweden after the infamous raid against the Bittorrent tracker The Pirate Bay, through which the film reached millions of viewers worldwide. The second part, financed by donations from the viewers of the first film and released freely on file-sharing networks in December 2007, is something completely different: A much more deeply worked-through attempt to put contemporary battles over file-sharing and digital reproduction in a long historical context.

It includes interviews with prominent historians as well as internet pioneers, combined with some animation work and archive material. This is a film with a clear message: File-sharing can’t be stopped. The filmmakers describe their aim as “bringing new people into the leagues of those now prepared to think ‘after intellectual property’”.The screening will be followed by an open discussion, introduced and moderated by Felix Stalder. Some news and discussion about the legal battle Swedish State vs. The Pirate Bay may also take place.

Length: 0:44:43
Produced by: The League of Noble Peers (Alan Toner, J.J. King, Jan Gerber, Sebastian Lütgert, Luca Lucarini, and others)
Felix Stalder is a media theorist and sociologist, based in Vienna and Zürich. He is one of several experts on net culture interviewed in Steal This Film II. Felix Stalder’s review of Steal This Film Part II was published on the nettime mailing list.