Jérémie Zimmermann - An Overview on ACTA and Issues in 2012


In a lengthy and dense, yet very understandable interview, two young European intellectuals from Paris and Berlin are dealing with one issue of endangered digital freedom after the other. They count amoung the most knowledgable and experienced analysts of the interplay between political, technical, artistic and private engagement, a crucial quality in these kinds of cultural conflicts. Their ongoing work can be visited at laquadrature.net and netzpolitik.org (in German language). The prolific information video about ACTA that is mentioned can be watched here.

  • Date of recording: Tue, 2012-01-24
  • Language(s) spoken:

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0:00 Greetings

0:30 Introduction

1:06 A Short History of La Quadrature du Net
- Attack on the free Internet

2:15 Organisational Structures
- Example: Telecomix
- Advantages of a lean Organisational Structure
- Finances

5:45 Finances
- Donations
- Soros-Foundation (Open Society Foundation)

6:46 Critique in the Founding Phase?
- Comparison to Digitale Gesellschaft
- Legitimation of Costs to Third Parties
- Centralisation for the sake of fast Decision Making

13:40 Enforcement 2.0
- Details for ACTA
- The ACTA-Campaign

22:15 Net Neutrality
- Situation in France, The Netherlands and Germany
- Failure of Market Forces
- Deep-Packet-Inspection
- respectmynet.eu

35:40 On New Political Actors
- Wikileaks, Anonymous, Telecomix, Occupy Movement

37:15 Reactions by Governments
- Interventions into e-Commerce
- Is Anonymous propagated as `the Next Al-Kaida´?
- Telecomix
- On Media´s Attitude towards `Occupy Wall Street´

40:19 Outlook on 2012
- Net Neutrality
- New Regulation of the Data Security Directives of the European Union

41:44 New Debate on Censorship?
- Deep-Packet-Inspection
- further Technologies of Censorship

47:05 Data Retention Directive –

0:00 Begrüßung

0:30 Vorstellung

1:06 Geschichte von La Quadrature du Net
- Angriff auf das freie Internet

2:15 Organisationsstruktur
- Beispiel: Telecomix
- die Vorteile einer schlanken Organisationsstruktur
- Finanzen

5:45 Finanzierung
- Spenden
- Soros-Foundation (Open Society Foundations)

6:46 Kritik in der Gründungsphase?
- Vergleich zu Digitale Gesellschaft
- Rechtfertigung für Kosten gegenüber Dritten
- Zentralisierung, um schnelle Entscheidungen treffen zu können


13:40 Enforcement 2.0
- Details zu ACTA

22:15 Netzneutralität
- Situation in Frankreich, Niederlande, Deutschland
- Marktversagen
- Deep-Packet-Inspection
- respectmynet.eu

35:40 Neue politische Akteure
- Wikileaks, Anonymous, Telecomix, Occupy

37:15 Reaktion der Regierungen
- e-Commerce-Eingriffe
- Wird Anonymous als nächstes Al-Kaida propagiert werden?
- Telecomix
- Umgang der Medien mit Occupy Wall Street

40:19 Ausblick auf 2012
- Netzneutralität
- Neuregelung der EU-Datenschutzgesetze

41:44 Neue Zensurdebatte?
- Deep-Packet-Inspection
- weitere Zensur-Technologien

47:05 Vorratsdatenspeicherung



Markus Beckedahl is a German journalist who got famous for his blog netzpolitik.org that deals with digital freedom matters starting in 2002. He is a Member of the Enquete-Commission “Internet and Digital Society” of the German Bundestag, the national parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Source: http://netzpolitik.org/2012/npp116-jeremie-zimmermann-uber-acta-netzneut…
Found at: http://mahablog.soup.io/tag/acta (thanks!)