Recordings in Volker Eckŀ

Liquid Democracy, Adhocracy and political decision making

Friedrich Lindenberg, Tobias Nöbauer

Do you want to look behind the curtains of a 21st century democracy? You might be looking for a `policy drafting tool for distributed groups´ and use it in your art project, your corporate company, your NGO, your government institution or political party . Friedrich Lindenberg is a co-developer for software that assists to succeed in theses tasks called adhocracy or liquid democracy. They strive to bring the manyfold experiences made in online discussion, online collaboration and online decision making into a software that can be used by citizens and parliamentarians together. As his answers show, the interlace between personal, social, legal, privacy-related and technical aspects are part of his everyday work. In an possible reaction to the flailing democratic spirit in Europe, his customers and partners in experiment have been of high profile: the German Parliament in Berlin or the German Pirate Party. The interview is conducted by Tobias Nöbauer and Volker Eckl of Transforming Freedom at the Transmediale 2011 in Berlin.